What Can I Do

NTS Talk centers around ideas, projects and activities which promote use of the NTS. Readers can browse the pages and forum postings to learn about NTS and NTS related activities and how to get involved and can participate in most forum categories.

NTS Talk members can contribute directly to the development of the ideas, project and activities on the site by editing the site pages. You don't have to have original proposals of your own to participate. In some instances, you may not have anything to contribute regarding an idea or project. You can still help by editing a page to help clarify a proposal or description of a project or activity. Even simple corrections of errors or formating improvements are valued.

Starting a new page

So you have an idea you'd like to propose or perhaps have been organizing a project or trying to gain some interest in or perhaps just describe an activity. How to get started?

Realize that you don't have to start with the perfect content or presentation. Getting started can mean as little as writing up a paragraph or two without any fancy formating. This is a wiki, so you can come back later and improve the page. You might even come back to find that some kind soul has already made some formating improvements and provided some interesting feedback on the discussion page.

If you're not sure you have enough of an idea to start a proposal page or maybe this whole wiki thing is just a bit too weird, consider posting the idea on the forum. If there is already a thread discussing something related to your idea, you might post about the idea on the existing thread.

To start a new page, go to the appropriate NTS Talk section (Proposals for new ideas, Projects in progress or Activities for existing efforts) and use the add page form to create a page. You might want to browse the existing pages in the section to make sure there isn't already a proposal or project similar to yours. Then edit the newly created page to add your content. You may find that the page already has some content the format of which you may or may not want to use. Just be certain to include a brief description of the page as the first paragraph, as this will appear as a page summary on the site section page. See the How to edit, also available from the Help menu, for details about editing.

Contributing to existing pages

Browse the site and contribute by fixing errors, improving formating, grammar and spelling or even modify the content to clarify an idea or description, add detail, relate your experiences or otherwise improve the value of the page. Just be respectful of other contributions and perserve their efforts while moving the page forward.

Each page also has a discussion page in the forum. You can get to the discussion page using the discuss link at the bottom of each page.

The Forum

Get involved in the discussion of NTS and NTS Talk topics in the forum. Just keep the comments cordial and constructive. Most forum categories are open to both members and non-members.

Watching pages

NTS Talk members can use the Wikidot watching feature to keep abreast of changes to pages of interest or postings on the forum. If watching is activated you will be notified by email when the page or forum of interest has activity. You can set up a watch on specific pages, categories (e.g. proposals, nets, etc) or you may watch for changes anywhere on the entire NTS Talk site.

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