Trivia Traffic Rules

Trivia Traffic is a trivia activity where trivia clues are distributed in radiogram format. Participants earn points by relaying this trivia traffic and sending trivia answers by way of the National Traffic System to the stations originating trivia traffic.

Getting Started

To get started in trivia traffic you need one or more trivia traffic messages. A list of stations holding trivia traffic can be found in the results section on this page. Find one of these stations on the air or set up a sked and have them relay one or more messages to you. Verify that you've received the message accurately and then you may start relaying it to other stations during your normal radio activities. You get a point for participating in a successful relay of a trivia traffic message. You can also get points for answering the trivia questions by radiogram via the National Traffic System.

You can also originate your own trivia traffic messages. See Notes For Originating Stations for important information about participating as an originating station.

If you have any questions or feedback about trivia traffic, leave a comment here or drop me an email (dhb AT db-bis DOT net).

Reporting Traffic

Stations playing trivia traffic receive a point for each message relay in which they participate.

Stations receiving trivia traffic must report their traffic via email to the originating station. Your email must indicate the callsign of the sending station and include the entire radiogram. Please place the words Trivia Traffic and your callsign in the subject line. An email reply will indicate if the radiogram has been copied correctly. Traffic received with errors will have to be acquired again and resubmitted for verification.

Reporting of received trivia traffic places the reporting station in the results section with one point awarded as a holder of that traffic and also credits the sending station with a point for successful transmission. Stations looking for trivia traffic will find the results section useful in determining which stations are holding specific trivia traffic messages.

In the future, a web page will be devised to report and verify received traffic on line.

Answering Trivia Clues

Stations receiving trivia traffic may earn up to three additional points for answering a trivia traffic clue. Answers must be transmitted to the originating station by radiogram via the National Traffic System. Please reference the message number and filing date of the relevant trivia traffic with your answer as well as your callsign either in the message text or in the signature. Correct answers will be reflected in the results section as full credit of three points. Submissions with incorrect answers or other errors will be answered to that effect via radiogram and a point awarded for the trivia answer traffic.

The NTS usually wants a properly addressed radiogram, which includes mailing address and phone number. is a good source for address information and there are many phone databases on the Internet. However, I recommend that originating stations provide suitable information for addressing trivia answer radiograms. Check the links in the results section for addressing information.

There are local NTS nets all over. The operators on these nets are a helpful bunch and will be more than happy to help get your traffic into the system. If you simply cannot get on to a local NTS net, see about finding an NTS operator in your area and filing your radiogram with them. For informational links about the NTS, see the NTS question in the Q&A below.

Notes For Originating Stations

Stations originating trivia traffic have a few duties in addition to the usual trivia traffic activities described on this page. Originating stations please note the following guidelines.

  • Participating stations will need to be able to contact you by email and radiogram. To make it easy to find this information, consider putting your contact information on this site at the link listed in the results section. I will be happy to post this information for you if you wish to provide it to me via email. You might already have suitable information on which is fine.
  • Report verified transmissions and trivia answer information to me so I can keep the result section up to date. I'll need to know sending station/receiving station/message# for each verified message relay and for each trivia answer answering station/message#/correct or incorrect. You may send these on whatever schedule suits you, but I'd prefer to keep delays to a reasonable minimum.
  • Verification of trivia traffic radiograms is intended to be strict. Copy must match letter for letter your original copy.
  • Leeway on trivia answers is totally at your discretion. Incorrect answers should be responded to by NTS radiogram to that effect. You might consider providing progressively more revealing clues in your responses to prod additional answer traffic.

Questions and Answers

If you have questions which are not addressed by the information on this page please drop me an email or post your question in the comments section on this page.

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