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Radiogram QSO

by KD8RBPKD8RBP 09 Jul 2012 04:11

I wanted to share a thought I had about a possible way to increase the amount of radiogram traffic sent on traffic nets and the NTS with something I called “Radiogram QSO”. Basically, it would involve a Radiogram QSO website where amateurs could go and register to voluntarily be placed on a CQ listing or directory on the site indicating to other amateurs that they would like to receive a contact or QSO by radiogram. Other amateurs registered on the site could look through the CQ list and pick another amateur to send a radiogram to and make a Radiogram QSO. In the text of the radiogram you could maybe say something about yourself or your area like, “HELLO FROM THE BIRTHPLACE OF THOMAS EDISON” if you were from Milan, Ohio. You could also maybe ask a short question or query about where the receiving amateur lives at the end of the text. When the receiving amateur gets the radiogram they could respond with another radiogram back. After a Radiogram QSO or contact is made they can both log into the Radiogram QSO website and log their contact.

NTS as Interagency Liaison

by dhbdhb 20 Nov 2008 07:05

In 2003, the ARRL reorganized the field service operation designating NTS to provide formal messaging for ARES. To my knowledge this relationship has never been developed according to plan. One of the recurring issues in communications is interoperability problems between public service agencies. NTS could serve as a master liaison between any and all such agencies.

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