Name: Mike Johnson
Location: Salamanca NY

First licensed on September 21st, 1993 and took written test till I flunked and got a CSCE for Extra at that time , but could not pass the code and stayed a Technician . In the end of 2009 a local ham that does not have a car asked me if I would drive him to a test session so he could get his General, so I drove him and took the General exam February 9th, 2010 and passed. I then decide to take the Amateur Extra exam on March 20th, 2010 and passed that one also.
Shortly after getting my license I started checking into a local net and started passing traffic. I got out after a problem with some league officials and the net manager of our net and I decided that I did not want to get involved with the politics. I recently started checking into the nets again and passing traffic again.
I am currently only on 2 meters and am looking for a HF rig so I can get involved with traffic there also. Now that I do not have to I am trying again to learn code.

Traffic can be sent:

via CNY TN (Central New York Traffic Net) in NY

PO Box 65
Great Valley NY 14741


N2WKT on NTS Talk

NTS Operators List

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