Name: Dave
Location: Chino Hills, CA

I'm Wikidot user dhb. I started NTS Talk in hopes the NTS community would be able to focus efforts to breathe some life into our activity. I have seen isolated efforts described on other ham radio forums, in emails and in talking with other NTS ops, but it seems like all these initiatives are lost not being seen by other NTS ops.

My personal approach is to find fun things to do with the NTS. I'm currently targeting other amateurs for this activity, and getting them some experience with NTS nets.

So, I'm looking forward to getting other NTS ops involved here as I get the site organized. I would love to get some feedback or thoughts about NTS Talk or NTS in general. Drop me an email, private message (wikidot account required) or post something on the Forum (most forum areas are open to non-members).

I work the Southern California Net VHF session and the Sixth Region, Cycle Four CW nets, and the CW session of the Southern California Net which has returned to action. A bit more info about KI6BHB at

If you need to get in touch with me by phone you can do so, toll free, using the Call Me widget below. Enter your name and phone number and Google Voice will call your number and connect you to me. If you use a cell phone number on your end you will still incur your normal air time charges.

If you are looking for me on the air …

General operating hours at KI6BHB tend to fall between 1900 and 2300 Pacific time most evenings during the week, more on the weekends. On HF, I work the SKCC Weekend Sprint. I don't do much SSB on HF, but will accommodate such via skeds (drop me an email, dhb AT db-bis DOT net). I'm also on the RN6 CW net where I can usually be found Friday thru Monday at 1945 and 2130pt on 3.575 and now the Southern California net on CW Tuesday and Thursday at 1900pt, on 3.537. Give me a call after the net.

I operate on the Southern California Traffic Net on the KPRA repeater (KE6TZG) at 2100pt MWF. For stations outside the So Cal area KE6TZG has Echolink.

If you are looking to send me traffic …

The NTS will want a properly addressed radiogram, which usually includes mailing address and phone number. My address is good on and my home phone is available via a number of internet search sites. However, traffic addressed as follows will likely reach me.

Chino Hills CA

This will hopefully route your radiogram to my local NTS net which should avoid having to include the phone number.

KI6BHB on NTS Talk

NTS Operators List

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