Name: Laura "Kate" Hutton
Location: Pasadena, California


My name is Kate & my QTH is Pasadena. I am the Section Traffic Manager for the ARRL Los Angeles Section. I got interested in passing NTS traffic because 1) I believe it may be needed in a disaster someday, 2) it is a great way to hone one's operating skills & especially train emergency ham communicators, & 3) it is fun. Early on, I got drawn into the Trivia Traffic activity. I wish more folks would try Trivia Traffic, because at the moment I'm almost the only one writing questions & I have no questions to answer.

As STM, I occasionally teach a three-hour "traffic school" for new NTS operators in our Section. I also manage a CW practice net on 28.130 MHz at 8 pm on Sundays, on behalf of the Pasadena Radio Club W6KA.

If I am on a repeater, it is likely to be either the PAPA system, or the "telco" repeater in Pasadena. I'm pretty much of a CW nut, though, so I'm much more reliably found on the SCN and RN6 traffic nets, or in SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) contests. I am also a regular on SCN/V and on LAN (Los Angeles Net), which happens on the PAPA System at 8:30 pm on Tuesday & Thursday.

To send me traffic, use:

My email address is my callsign at ARRL dot net.

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