Southern California Net/VHF

Frequency Mode Days Time
146.385+ PL 146.2 FM MWF 2100 PT

The VHF session of the Southern California net meets on the Keller Peak 2-meter repeater three days a week. Keller Peak is a high level repeater which covers most of Southern California from the Mexican border to the upper desert. All radio amateurs licensed to operate on 2-meters are welcome to check in and participate on the net.

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Net Operators


N1AB Steve, Orange
KK6AHZ Grant, Hesperia (NCS)
KI6BHB Dave, Chino Hills (Net Manager, NCS, RN6)
K6FRG Jutti, Los Angeles (LAN)
K6GPZ Paul, Temple City (NCS, LAN)
K6HTN Kate, Pasadena (RN6, LAN)
K6IFF Bill, Claremont (RN6)
K6JGL Jim, Torrance (LAN)
KB6LTY Christy, Apple Valley (NCS)
KJ6PCC Scott, Long Beach (LAN)
W0RJA Robert, Arcadia (NCS, RN6, LAN)
AF6TT Leon, Montclair
KD6YJB Marvin, San Diego (SDCTN)

Past Active

KD5ADU Chris, Running Springs
N6BOP Anne, Pomona
KB6KRB Karen, Riverside (NCS)
W6JPH John, Colton (Past Net Manager, NCS, RN6)
W6KLE Don, Temple City
KC6LNP Al, Laguna Hills
KI6NME Sam, Banning
KI6OTO James, Grand Terrace (NCS)
KF6PDY Ed, Lake Los Angeles
KJ6SXT Bill, Crestline
KA6TND Kathi, Mission Viejo (NCS)
K6UKE Bonny, Rialto
N6UYB Jack
W6WW Bruce, Apple Valley (NCS, RN6)
K6YNW Chris, Desert Hot Springs

Recent Visitors

KM6CEM Charles, San Dimas
K6CSH Chuck, Torrance
ND5DX Ben , Lake Elsinore
K1HYE Gail, Forest Falls
KK6ING Nahy, Fontana
W5MGM Fred, Addison, TX (EL)
KF7MYK Kevin, Aguanga
K8NBD Nancee, Altadena
WB6NCT Randy, Altadena

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