Southern California Net

Frequency Mode Days Time
3.542 CW M-F 1900 PT

The Southern California Net serves the California sections of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. The net also serves a training function. All operators are welcome to check in and if you are interested in learning to operate on a traffic net, we are ready to help you.

Net Operators

KI6BHB Dave, Chino Hills (NCS, RN6)
K6HTN Kate, Pasadena (NCS, RN6)
N6IET Rick, Los Angeles (NCS, RN6)
K6IFF Bill, Claremont (NCS, RN6)
W6QZ Dan, Anaheim
K6YR Rob, San Luis Obispo


K6KQV Bill, Cupertino
N6NO Merv, Arcadia

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