How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

Just about every page in NTS Talk can be edited. Below are some very basic formating instructions to get you started. Please visit Documentation pages for the Wikidot documentation pages including additional information on Wikidot formating.

Each editable page in NTS Talk has an edit link at the bottom of the page. To edit a page, navigate to the page of interest and click on the edit link.

Wiki Formating

Wiki pages are written as simple text with some special characters to describe formating and links in the page. There are many types of formating, but some simple ones will go a long way to get you started. The rest you can easily learn along the way.

The Wikidot edit page provides helper tools buttons on the edit page to assist in adding the special characters for formating and linking, but in many cases its easier to just enter these special characters yourself, once you've learned them.


To enter paragraphs of text, just enter each paragraph without hitting enter in the editor. At the end of each paragraph hit enter. Put a blank line between paragraphs in the editor to format white space between paragraphs.


Break your page up into sections by adding headings between the paragraphs. Headings are entered in the editor on their own line and begin with one or more plus signs (+). More than one plus sign indicates a sub-heading which generally means a smaller, less bold format. Heading can be used to format a table of contents for very long pages.

Bold, Italic and Underline

Add bold, italic or underline by begining and ending the affected text with the appropriate special characters: ** for bold, // for italic and __ for underline. There are additional formating options, but these should get you started.


Finally, a word about linking. Links are the highlighted words on pages which take you to other pages on the site or elsewhere on the Internet.

The simplest linking is between pages on NTS Talk which is indicated by placing the page name within triple square brackets. A link to this page is formatted as [[[How to edit pages]]] and looks like How to edit pages. You can change the text which appears as the link using [[[How to edit pages | click here]]] which takes you to the same page but looks like click here.

Links to pages on other web sites can be generated without special characters by entering the full web site address. So links to my callsign page. To change the text highlighted as the link use [ KI6BHB] which again takes you to the same place but looks like KI6BHB.

One last comment about linking to NTS Talk pages, the page name entered in the link does not have to exist when you save you page. This means that if you mistype the page name you will end up with a link to a non-existent page. So, do check those links to make sure they work.

By the way, this feature of wiki linking is actually quite useful as one way to create new pages or leave place holders for additional pages is to create the link to the yet to be created page and then later clicking on the link to create the page.

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