Trivia Traffic

A trivia activity where trivia clues are distributed in radiogram format. Stations participate by sending trivia answers to the stations originating trivia traffic by way of the National Traffic System and by passing trivia traffic along to others.

Getting Started

Here is a random radiogram from our Trivia Traffic database to get you started. A new radiogram comes up every sixty seconds, so if you refresh/reload the page you'll see another trivia mesage here.

  1. 1, precid r, origin kc1byd, ck 20, orgin pittsfield ma, date feb 15


What is black when you buy it red when you use it and gray when you throw it away x

Rich Kc1byd

If you don't like this particular trivia topic, no problem. There are many others in our Trivia Traffic listings for you to choose from. But before you scroll down to the listings, much of the fun of trivia traffic is plugging the information from the trivia clue into your favorite search engine and reading a bit about the topic. That's right! You don't have to know the answer from memory to play.

Answering Trivia

Transmit your trivia answer to the originator by radiogram via the National Traffic System. Reference the message number and filing date of the trivia message in your answer. The originating station should reply by radiogram as to the correctness of your answer and may reply with additional clues if you are on the wrong track or need to be more specific.

The NTS usually wants a properly addressed radiogram, which includes mailing address and phone number. is a good source for address information and there are many phone databases on the Internet. The signature in the trivia traffic may contain return address information. Also, you might check the NTS operators list here on NTS Talk.

There are local traffic nets all over, some affiliated with NTS some not, but any traffic net should do. The operators on these nets are a helpful bunch and will be more than happy to help get your traffic into the system. If you simply cannot get on to a local net, try finding an NTS operator in your area and filing your radiogram with them. For information about the NTS, see the NTS question in the Q&A below.

Sharing Trivia

You are free to share trivia traffic messages with others. Some local traffic nets are using trivia traffic as training messages and to generate traffic for the NTS. You might consider publishing a trivia message in your net or club newsletter. We would be interested in hearing about creative ways to share trivia traffic.

Linking to This Page

Please feel free to link to this Trivia Traffic page from your club or net web page. Also, if you want to provide a link to the page in a newsletter there is a simplified web address set up for that purpose

which will forward to this page.

Trivia Traffic Listings

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Useless zip code trivia - ()
Native trivia - ()
The Pharaohs - (ancient egypt history pyramids)
CULINARY TRIVIA - (culinary food foods)
CULINARY TRIVIA - (food foods fruit)
CULINARY TRIVIA - (candy food foods)
Animal Trivia - (animals food)
Movie Trivia - (blood movies)
Astronomically Trivial - (astronomy solar space universe)
Astronomically Trivial - (astronomy solar space stars universe)
Astronomically Trivial - (astronomy planets solar space universe)
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Star Wars trivia - ()
Animal trivia - (animals)
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Disasterous trivia - (history)
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Trivial GPS hunt - ()
Bostonian trivia - (history)
Valentine greetings - (history holidays)
Merry Christmases - (holidays linguistics)
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Prehistoric Trivia - ()
Oratorical Trivia - (history)
Hard headed trivia - ()
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Emergency Trivians - ()
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Trivia Shakes - ()
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Trivia Hounds - ()
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Trivia Song and Dance - (language music)
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Radiotriviaphiles - (history)
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Radiotriviaphiles - (science)
Trivia Hounds - (animals)
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Trivia Nutz - (animals)
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Geotriviaphiles - (geography)
Triviamedialites - (politics television)
Trivianologists - (history technology)
Trivia Stampers - (hobbies leasure)
Fanners of the Trivia Flame - (literature movies)
Followers of Historical Trivia - (history)
Fans of Ancient Trivia - (history religion)
Trivia Eaters - (food nature science)
Masters of the Game of Trivia - (science)
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Trivia Heavyweights - (technology)
Historical Trivians - (history technology)
Trivia Trackers - (geography technology)
Trivialeers - (biology history science)
Triva Explorers - (science)
Amateur Historians - (ham history)
Trivia Tossers - (leasure)
Fans of the Astronomically Trivial - (astronomy science)
Trivia For Chertin - (science)

To add new trivia, enter a title and press Create Trivia to get started.

Originating Trivia Traffic

Stations originating trivia traffic please note the following guidelines.

  • Use a generic text of some sort in the addressee block. The trivia traffic listing here use the trivia title as an addressee. Some originating stations get fanciful with the addressee block. Addressing to a specific addressee for transmission through the NTS is discouraged as reuse of such trivia traffic by other participants may be confusing.
  • Participating stations will need to be able to contact you by radiogram. To make it easy to address traffic to you, you can place addressing information in the signature of your trivia traffic. You might also consider creating an entry in our NTS operators list here on NTS Talk and putting the information there. You might consider having answer traffic addressed for routing to the local net you operate on. In any case, be sure to provide enough information to route properly through the system.
  • Leeway on trivia answers is totally at your discretion. You should respond by radiogram as to correctness of the answer. You might consider providing progressively more revealing clues in your responses to incorrect or incomplete answers to encourage additional answer traffic.

Questions and Answers

If you have questions which are not addressed by the information on this page please drop me an email or post your question in the comments section below.

Q. I sent my trivia answer radiogram and I haven't received a reply. What's up?

Q. Trivia traffic messages are radiograms. Can I send one to someone using the NTS?

Q. How about if I re-address a trivia traffic radiogram. Can I send it via the NTS then?

Q. I copied a trivia traffic message while listening in on a qso. Can I answer it and relay it to other stations?

Q. I don't know the trivia answer. Can I look it up or ask others for the answer?

Q. So what's all this NTS and radiogram stuff?

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